An event benefiting Advocates for Children CASA & Voices for CASA Children

together, these hikers raised over $96,000 for Advocates for Children CASA and Voices for CASA Children

Please read more about our participants below and click here to sponsor a hiker or donate directly to the missions of these CASA organizations.

The Hikers

Jim Steg


The brains behind 11 Summits, Jim Steg is also the owner, founder and CEO of Steg Custom Homes Inc, Flippin Extreme LLC, and Flippin Extreme Outdoors LLC. He is the best selling author of Chopping Wood, "an old school mentality in a new age world on how to get sh*t done." Jim has been married for 26 years to his wife, Theresa, and together they have two daughters and two pups.

Jim is no stranger to extreme athleticism as he is a four time Ironman Triathlete, 65 time Olympic Triathlete, KOKORO-52 hour Navy Seal Crucible finisher, 6 time Ultra Marathon finisher...the list goes on! 


There is an individual Jim follows who is a major Inspiration, and pushes his mind and body beyond his perceived limits. DAVID GOGGINS!

...rings in his ears on a daily basis to be the best version of himself he can be - Mentally, Physically, Spiritually and Emotionally!

Luke Kayyem


Luke is a highly sought after Men's High Performance Coach, Corporate Consultant, and Keynote Speaker.

 An early adopter of experiential coaching, functional fitness, organic whole foods, yoga, meditation, mindset, and LIVE social media have established Luke’s reputation for being RELENTLESS in the game of life and sharing his knowledge in the art and science of expansion with the world.

However, his real job begins and ends as a full-time father and husband. “I define my current success through the love of my wife and children and the ability to make each of them laugh deeply every day. The more laughs the more happiness and in return the more success."  

Jason Hersh


   Jason was born in Maryland and traveled to Arizona where he graduated ASU with a small business degree.  He has been married for 17 years to his wife, Jennifer, and together they have a daughter and a son.

Four years ago Jason was introduced to a Tough Mudder event by a his best friend J Ford.  Ford later past that year and that event became the catalyst for Jason to complete his first 24 hour adventure race.  Since that event Jason has competed in multiple Tough Mudder events, 3 World Toughest Mudder events, the Spartan Agoge, Escape Alcatraz, Mountain Man Triathlon with the 36 hr Endeavor Team Challenge and the Arizona Ironman to be completed in the fall of ‘19.

 “The one obstacle I can control is my desire to expand and achieve targets that others think are unattainable.” “This sounds like one of those challenge.  Let’s Go!!” 

Brandon Duncan


Father and serial adventure seeker, Brandon constantly pushes the edge of life, business and personal growth in a pursuit to discover his greatest life possible. Owner of the best tasting greens drink   

Mike Garrick


Mike lives in Utah with his beautiful wife Leah. As a 21 year firefighter, he works as an engineer, EMT, and rescue technician. Mike’s true passion is mental toughness, high-performance nutrition, health, physical fitness, and outdoor adventure. 

Mike has traveled around the western US learning outdoor survival skills with a retired special forces veteran, became a master herbalist and at one point even did some MMA fighting. Later on, he went from personal training and bodybuilding to corporate wellness, to creating his own program Warrior5, as well as founding a company called Ball Magic. Some of Mike’s most recent role models are Garrett White, Wim Hof, David Goggins, and Jordan Peterson.

“I believe in surrounding myself with people better than me, this demands I raise my standards. I think you have to be a little psychotic to attempt 11 summits in 48 hours but it's for an amazing cause with what has to be an amazing group of people” 

Jeff Rifkin


 Jeff has always found adventure in the outdoors. He traded the high rises of Chicago for the rugged mountains of Arizona when he was 18. Jeff is an accomplished professional in the commercial real estate industry but loves being out on the trails.  In 2018, Jeff competed in his first marathon distance and rode that wave all the way up to a 100-mile Ultra race. 

Being a past World's Toughest Mudder competitor, Jeff is up for the adventure and anything that will challenge his body and more importantly his mind. Jeff has recently been awarded a rear US spot in the prestigious endurance event "Grand to Grand Ultra" 170 mile race. 

Scott Wells


  Scott R. Wells is a husband, a father and an entrepreneur. He is also on a journey of expansion never settling for the status quo and always looking for an adventure. 

Scott graduated from the University of Notre Dame with a BA degree in Marketing and played for the Men’s Soccer team, lettering all 4 years.

His work as the CEO of ConversionFormula is centered around the Senior Living industry and providing digital marketing strategy and consulting.

When he is not working he can be found on various trails around Phoenix with his amazing wife Becky and sons Ryland & Ryder.

Kyle Steg


Kyle Steg is a 26 year old athlete from Peoria, Arizona. He is the nephew and business partner of Jim Steg. Together they run Steg Custom Homes LLC and Flippin’ Extreme LLC. Kyle is the business development manager for both companies, alongside this task he is the man behind the footage and all videography production. Kyle is a husband to Denni Steg of 5 years, and father to 3.5 year old Averi Steg.

“My Wife, My Daughter, My Family, My Business/future…these are all in correlation and all equally mean everything to me. I had no hesitation with 11 summits and look forward to raising money and awareness for these kids. In life you should not focus too heavy on what you are essentially RECEIVING, but you should really focus on what you are GIVING."

Torsten Coulson


  Torsten has a background in the military and law enforcement prior to getting involved in real estate investing. His prior experience made him mentally tough enough to handle the initial challenges of running a business and overcoming the objections from sellers and Realtors to find creative ways to put deals together. After a decade of investing, Torsten has completed over 6,500 deals.

On his free time Torsten is currently a real estate Mentor for Clever Investors one a the best real estate education company in the industry.  From his mentoring many of his students have closed multiple deals.  

In the Phoenix market, Torsten worked on many deals. He’s rehabbed, sold thousands of houses as-is and always owned rental properties over the past 15 years. 

When not busy buying up tons of properties in Phoenix, you'll usually find Torsten spending time with his kids and coaching his son’s baseball team.  Also has completed multiple marathons and a lot of shorter races. 

Tommy Baker


Tommy Baker helps dreamers, visionaries, and entrepreneurs bring those dreams to life - and create a life they can't wait to wake up for. As author of UnResolution,  The 1% Rule, and The Leap of Your Life, Tommy believes living up to our potential is what we're here for. 

Through his writing, coaching, and podcast, he's helped thousands of people take their next bold step and never look back. He's been featured in Entrepreneur, Influencive, Though Catlog and more. 

Learn more about Tommy at

Deric Keller


Deric R. Keller is a Phoenix-based coach, businessman, and sales specialist whose compassion, integrity, and work ethic have all earned him the reputation as a service-driven leader. He is also a Warrior Certified Trainer and Decorated Combat Veteran on a lifelong mission to create positive change in people’s personal and professional lives by helping them shift their perception. Throughout the course of over a decade, he has garnered extensive experience within the sales industry.

Currently, Deric is the Founder and Owner of Battlefield Boardroom, where he imparts people with the true-and-true system they need to step into their best version, as a father/mother, spouse, and businessperson.The marriage of battlefield tactics into modern day business. Breaching boardrooms and working form the objective backwards. Prior to that, he served as a VP of Sales at an automotive company and an Owner/Trainer for The Wolf Project.

Deric has been happily married to his lovely wife for the last 14 years, and together, they are the proud parents of seven children ranging from ages seven to twenty.

Eddie Aguilar


  Eddie Aguilar is a proud father of a 19 year old daughter and a 16 year old son. Having raised his children in Flagstaff, AZ, Eddie has been a participant in the community by coaching junior high volleyball and basketball, as well as both little league baseball and softball. 

Due to Eddie's 12 years in wildfire suppression for the Forest Service, 10 of those years as a Hotshot, he loves to spend time in the outdoors hiking trails and mountains. In August of 2018, he took on the challenge of hiking The Flagstaff Fearsome Four to test himself, which included hiking 4 mountains in Flagstaff.

To aid in motivation to complete his now published book "Lasting Impact--Navigating The Rippling Effects Of Suicide", he created a personal challenge that he never heard of. In September of 2018, this challenge included the hiking The Flagstaff Fearsome Four Challenge, then straight to Phoenix AZ to hike 7 more summits. He had been impacted directly and indirectly by suicide nearly 20 times, almost took his own life 14 years ago, and was also the son of a Vietnam Veteran affected by P.T.S.D.  

Eddie's future includes speaking upon suicide awareness and reigniting his podcast and going solo with the Mindset Mountain Podcast. This podcast has allowed guests to share their personal stories of struggle and how they overcame those struggles, providing hope for the listeners.

David Boyd


Dr. Boyd is a very different kind of physician.

After 10 years of battling the broken and inefficient healthcare system he had a decision to make.  Leave medicine, the dream he has pursued since boyhood or take on the entire US healthcare system and the insurance companies that choke it. He chose the latter.

David, a board certified family physician and associate clinical professor, served as the personal physician to billionaires and celebrities.  He created programs to vigilantly improve their health based on metrics, personal and family history.  The result- they rarely got sick.  

He thought, "why can't everyone enjoy this type of healthcare?".  From that experience he created P3MD. "P3 stands for Personal Primary Physician.  Now anyone can have the same level of healthcare that was once reserved for the mega-wealthy. When you step away from conventional medical insurance you no longer have to play by their rules. Its a game changer!" says Dr. Boyd.

P3MD is proudly located in the West Valley and is accepting applications for membership for a short time only. 

Gerritt Bake


Gerritt is an elite business coach and trainer.  His ability to transform lives leans heavily on the 15 years he spent as a police officer, working such assignments as SWAT, Narcotics, and Undercover.

Gerritt’s approach to resetting and rebuilding lives is centered on a tactical approach to life.  His real and raw approach allows him to connect quickly with his clients and deliver them the results they desire.

But the reason behind what he does is simple:  his family.  Gerritt has been married 18 years to his beautiful wife Melissa and they have three amazing children together.  They are the drive behind his work and the focus of his free time.

Gerritt shares his mindset training via his podcast THE TACTICAL BUSINESSMAN and through social media channels. He is an avid athlete who loves the outdoors and any challenge that is laid before him.  Ultimately, he believes that a person truly becomes unstoppable when aligned with his purpose.

Jeff Lessard



Jeff Lessard is a former stock broker turned entrepreneur. After over 20 years of building business and teams, Jeff and his wife Debbie turned their focus into the emerging Cannabis space. In 2015 they became early influencers in the CBD space (healthy not high). 

Jeff and his wife Debbie reside in Peoria Arizona. They have 2 kids 21 year old Hunter a D-1 college baseball player and 19 year old Mackenzie a social media influencer. 

As a speaker and business coach Jeff and Debbie enjoy spending time traveling and helping others improve their health, businesses and lives. 

Kraig Burgess



Dr. Kraig Burgess has distinguished himself as a premier Orthopedic Surgeon in Phoenix specializing in Hand and Upper Extremity Surgery over the last 14 years. Dr. Burgess is proud to now be a part of OrthoArizona, which provides outstanding Orthopedic Care across the entire valley.

As a proud father to a 9 year old daughter and 7 year old son, Dr. Burgess is inspired by the mission around Advocates for Children CASA and Voices for CASA Children. “I’m filled with such gratitude for the countless blessings in my life and the blessing’s my children enjoy on a daily basis. To me, this evolution represents an opportunity to give a voice where there is often suffering and silence; and to personally “suffer” over almost 50 miles and 20,000 feet so even one more child doesn’t have to,” said, Dr. Burgess. “Personally, there is also always so much insight, and so many lessons we learn about ourselves when we push our mind and body to the limit,” he added.

Dr. Burgess is a member of Christ’s Church of the Valley where he has coached youth soccer and participated in various charitable endeavors through the church. He and his children also regularly support “Feed My Starving Children.” His medical philanthropy has been through LIGA International, Flying Doctors of Mercy.

Perseverance and endurance are two adjectives one might use to describe Dr. Burgess. He has endured the sleep deprivation of years of surgical training; competed in multiple distance triathlons including Ironman New Zealand; run two marathons and survived SEALfit Kokoro, a 50+ hour civilian rendition of the infamous Navy SEAL Hell Week.

“I’m nervous for the challenge, eager to learn the lessons, humbled to be a part of this group of accomplished men, excited to have my kids along the way, and honored to represent this cause,” concluded Dr. Burgess.

Justin James



Justin is happily married for 13 years has 2 sons (13yr and 9yr). He enjoys coaching youth sports and mentoring the youth.

Justin seeks the challenge of being the underdog and entering the unknown.He is constantly pushing himself in every facet of his life to build his life resume.  He has entered multiple industries not having any experience and has built successful businesses from those industries. He currently is traveling the country full time with his family.


Kimberley Floyd



Kimberley was born and raised in the suburbs outside of St. Louis, and relocated to the Southeast Valley of AZ in 2005.  She quickly fell in love with all things unique to Arizona, especially the magic and beauty found within the mountains.  Kimberley is the proud mother of 2 grown children, Dakota and Lilly.  She is extremely passionate about hiking and fitness, in addition to all of the benefits associated with pursuing a healthy lifestyle.  In 2016, she completed over 1,000 hiking miles, which only fueled her love of the outdoors even more.    

Kimberley has been a Registered Nurse for over 23 years and has worked in multiple areas of the healthcare industry.  She also just recently joined the Kristan Cole Network at Keller Williams Arizona Realty as a licensed agent and Realtor.  She's also a member of Christ's Church of the Valley, Midtown Campus, and considers each day a gift and a blessing.  When Kimberley isn't busy working, she can usually be found climbing up a mountain.

Howard Hughes II


  Howard is a late addition to our team due to an unfortunate fall-out and will be celebrating his 50th birthday conquering the 11 Summits!  He's a valley Entrepreneur & Comedian, perhaps you visited his previous club, Stand-up, Scottsdale! Comedy Club, a United States Marine, and graduate of Arizona State.